About Irish Tweed

In Ireland, we are very lucky that some of our best traditions have survived until today. Tweed weaving is one of them. For centuries the Donegal Tweed has been considered as the ideal fabric for dissipating the damp and cold Irish weather. Inspired by the natural colours of the wild landscape of Ireland: the yellow gorse, the earthy browns or the purple heathers, Donegal Tweed has not changed in centuries. We are truly blessed that it’s still here for us to enjoy. Tweed is now making a comeback in fashion. Appreciated for it’s retro look, warmth and classy colors. It is now becoming a favorite for people in search of quality and authenticity.

100% Irish

We wanted KIDS IN TWEED clothes to be made with Irish fabrics and manufactured in Ireland. This turned out to be a challenging, yet amazing journey that took us deep into the traditions and folklore of Ireland. Our clothes bear the mention Made in Ireland to remind our clientele of what is really involved in bringing these clothes to them. They are made by hand, by extremely talented craftsmen and women. We are thrilled to bring you a genuine Irish clothing line for children. We hope that you enjoy our products for what they are: pieces of Irish history, lovingly made by its people.

A love story

I'm one of many who came to Ireland for a few months and never left. Bewitched by the quirky charm of this country and the warmth of its people... Fast forward 10 years and I still see Ireland through the eyes of a foreigner. There is so much beauty, ancestral magic and talent that need to be preserved. After having my children, I became acutely aware of the need to maintain their cultural inheritance. KIDS IN TWEED was born from that reflection with the goal to transmit my love for Irish traditions such as Tweed to the new generation. With our clothing line we bring you traditional designs in tasteful colours that can be hard to find in Ireland while they are still very common in continental children fashion. Classic with a modern twist, our clothes are to be enjoyed, treasured and passed on. They make the perfect gift and occasion wear, as they are filled with meaning and love. Jeanne

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